CSS Family Picnic – August 2017

August 11th, 2017 the Construction Support Solutions team gathered together for our first ever CSS Family Picnic.

While the heavy thunderstorms in the early afternoon had us stray away from the park, we were well accommodated at Cafe Melissa in Avon Lake. The food was exceptional and  their service was even better. Our night was with filled with games and prizes that kept us laughing until the sun went down. With the company of our team’s dearest loved ones, our conversations stretched for hours, and we enjoyed spending our time getting to know our closest coworkers even better.

Construction Support Solutions thanks all who were able to share the evening with us and make it such a memorable night. While some of our team was unable to make the trip, we send our best regards to all those who were missed. We are very much looking forward to our next company gathering.




Good food and great company.





Two project manager’s are expecting their family to grow! So it’s only appropriate that CSS get’s the baby to be ready to join the team!




Anna Klee, President
& Kevin Klee, Director of Operations.






Brandon Kruse, Project Inspector
& Amanda (soon to be) Kruse.






Michael Wood and Michael Danks enjoying their raffle winnings!





Fred Baker, Estimator.







Michael Danks, Project Manager
& his wife, Mallory Danks.






Hanna Liszniansky, Marketing Coordinator
& Daniel Yevtushenko.