Our clients say it best

“CSS’s construction management services are excellent; they excel at project documentation, organizational skills and contract knowledge. The entire team has clearly taken the time to review the contract documents so they thoroughly understand the requirements for the project. CSS is always very well prepared for bi-weekly meetings and demonstrate the utmost professionalism in dealing with all members of the project team. There are many moving parts to this project and CSS does an excellent job of tracking everything so nothing gets lots in the shuffle.
CSS is exceptional at looking out for GSAs interest; ensuring that the project is being carried out in accordance with the contract documents. Their professional, knowledgeable staff consistently checks in with GSA to ensure that we’re satisfied with their performance; continuously providing excellent customer service.”

– Katie Musselman
Contracting Officer
General Services Administration (GSA)

“Upon my arrival at Bowling Green State University, it was readily acknowledged that Construction Support Solutions was providing expert leadership and advice that contributed substantially to overall project success. What was quickly apparent was your approach to project management is one of respect for the individual, quick problem resolution and one-on-one agreement. This philosophy creates teams focusing on project-centered goals in lieu of self-centered goals. In a very short time, Construction Support Solutions has become a trusted advisor. When weighing decisions and planning new programs, they are always one of my first telephone calls.”

– Brian Swope, CCM
Assistant Director at the Office of Design and Construction
Bowling Green State University

“Construction Support Solutions looks out for the best interests of the project. They want to help clients be successful, rather than just reporting what the contractors want us to hear. They get the right answers to give. There’s a marked difference between them and the others – the others just sit back and don’t say a whole lot, but CSS is more personally involved. They have high integrity for what they do. You can just tell by working with them that they have a high level of knowledge and experience. They are expert enforcers of schedule, but with class and tact to guide the contractor and project to success.”

– Bob Boucher
Senior Project Manager of Mechanical Engineering
Bowling Green State University

“The efforts of Construction Support Solutions have been beyond commendable in all aspects. Their attention to cost, quality, management and scheduling; depth of knowledge into the rules and procedures of public improvements; and ability to keep the school district’s interest foremost in all circumstances are exemplary. Kevin and Anna are extremely honest, open, communicate very well, and therefore have a positive relationship with whoever they’re representing as well as the vendors doing the work. From our public image to the last detail of a warranty, Construction Support Solutions has shown unyielding dependability that should be modeled by others in the industry. I would heartily recommend any school district to retain the services of Construction Support Solutions for future projects.”

– Brion Deitsch
Fairview Park City School District

“I have found the process of working with Construction Support Solutions to be exceptional in every way. CSS is professional and passionate about providing outstanding service to their clients. I have been impressed by their in-depth management experience, technical knowledge and budget maximization. In this highly competitive industry, their professional qualities and broad range of services have been beneficial to our efforts and the overall completion of this project. I make no hesitation in recommending them; you will find them to be an asset to your construction team.”

– Michael Bruder
Executive Director of Facilities, Planning and Design
The Office of the University Architect at Kent State University

“We hired a contractor that was not performing the way he was supposed to. Luckily, Construction Support Solutions was there every day – checking on things, making sure things were done when they were supposed to be done. We did not have to worry, and we didn’t have to make decisions that we didn’t have experience to make. It was like, ‘Oh thank God, Kevin is keeping an eye on it, and we’re OK.’ They’re very hands-on. If there’s a problem, they’re not going to mess around; they’re going to solve the problem. Our construction went together very nicely, and it was because they were there.”

– Barbara Smith
Retired Minister
Unity Spiritual Center of Westlake