Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, Dugway Storage Tunnel

Construction Support Solutions partnered with the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD) to install a 24-ft diameter storage tunnel approximately 15,000 feet in length, extending from the Euclid Creek Tunnel at the Nine Mile Site to its terminus near Superior Avenue and Lakeview Road in Cleveland.

The tunnel will be constructed with a tunnel boring machine in Chagrin Shale at depths approaching 200 feet below ground level. The project will also include several consolidation sewers, diversion structures and drop shafts to capture and store combined sewer overflow (CSO) from the Dugway Storage Tunnel service area. The diversion systems will be equipped with inflow control gates to manage the dynamic flow within the tunnel system.

Location: Cleveland, OH
Method: Scheduling Consultant
Project Cost: $179 million
Total Square Footage: storage tunnel with diameter of 24 feet extending approximately 15,000 feet in length at depths approaching 200 feet below ground level
Date of completion: 2019
Owner: Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD)

NEORSD Dugway Storage Tunnel Cleveland Ohio underground construction