Constructability Review

A thorough constructability review is critical to the success of any project. Our goal at Construction Support Solutions is to eliminate potential problems before construction begins by making sure your project plans align with your budget and schedule.

We carefully assess contract documents, building plans and specifications to identify potential coordination issues, insufficient or incomplete details, differences and inconsistencies – before they become change orders or liabilities on the jobsite. Years of experience managing various construction projects have sharpened our ability to spot gaps in construction documents.

But our constructability review is more comprehensive than simply scanning documents. We get personally involved in each project, taking time to meet with clients to thoroughly understand their goals and objectives. We approach each constructability review as a collaborative process to help design teams present the best possible bidding documents while controlling budgets and schedules by avoiding change orders, unnecessary delays and other disruptions.

To request a constructability review from Construction Support Solutions, submit your RFP here.