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A fair and accurate estimate is key to getting a construction project off the ground. At Construction Support Solutions, we evaluate every variable of each project to deliver detailed cost estimates that benefit clients.

Our approach to estimating is to quantify the components of a design and apply unit costs to project a total dollar amount. We utilize simple Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to ensure the information can be easily shared by a project team. As design progresses, we develop estimates on a “line item” basis using the Construction Specification Institute’s MasterFormat™ Division List.

Prices are continually updated and reviewed with manufacturers, vendors, distributors, suppliers and contractors, and compared to other local bid results. Throughout the design process, we continually adjust our estimates to ensure that projects stay aligned with budgets.

Construction Support Solutions tailors its estimates to meet the needs of the client. Even before all of the project details are finalized, we can provide a per-square-foot cost estimate to help you plan. Our estimating services are provided as a tool, giving project teams the ability to make adjustments as design progresses, maximizing the intent of the overall project.

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We’ve worked with Construction Support Solutions on schematid design, design development, and construction document level estimates. As the project develops their level of detail in terms of material quantity and labor estimates enhances with accuracy. The accuracy of their work and understanding of the construction market is outstanding and is represented in our on budget estimating that’s proven as each bid is received.

– President of K2M Design


  • Hundreds of successfully completed projects
  • Strong track record of staying within 10% of bid day estimates
  • Trusted partner to Owners, A/E’s, CM’s and contractors
  • Respected reputation throughout the country

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