Our comprehensive scheduling services are designed with one goal: keeping construction projects on time and within budget. Through effective planning and keen coordination, we help the entire project team achieve desired goals and milestones as efficiently as possible.

Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling has been an integral part of our service offering since our inception. With a depth of construction experience, our team understands how to leverage proven CPM scheduling methods to keep projects on track, reducing project timelines while maximizing efficiency.

Our scheduling services add value during all phases of a project. During the design phase, we develop master schedules, align scopes with budgets, and plan critical activities that set projects up for success. During construction, we keep a close eye on the schedule – monitoring construction work and resources, following up on procurement and delivery activities, and evaluating the impact of any changes. After construction, we provide schedule analysis to resolve potential claims.

By combining our practical scheduling experience with accurate reports about your project, we can coordinate an effective work flow that is both timely and cost-effective. Our systematic approach ensures accountability, helping clients maximize their returns by bringing projects to completion as planned.

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Ohio Canal Interceptor Tunnel

NASA Critial Path Method Schedule Analyst

Construction Support Solutions met and exceeded schedule related tasks. Project items were complted on time and often times ahead of the projected schedule requirements. Their schedule analysis proved to be key in contractor oversight, projects updates to stake holders and for projecting on future inspections.

– GSA Contracting Officer